RACE CALENDAR 2016 (as at 22 May 2016)


Saturday           7th          Millennium Cup Series
Saturday          14th         Millennium Cup Series
Saturday          21st         Millennium Cup Series
Tuesday           24th         Choaks Pasty Series (FSC)
Saturday          28th         Feety Spear (FSC) (Host: The Royal Standard)
Tuesday           31st         Choak's Pasty Series (FSC)


Saturday           4th           Loe Beach Regatta                                          Tuesday            7th           Hine Downing Series (FSC)                               Saturday          11th          Grace and Gebhard (Host: The Working Boat Bar)
Tuesday           14th          Hine Downing Series (FSC)
Thursday          16th          SMSC Thursday evening series
Saturday          18th          Falmouth Classics
Tuesday           21st          Hine Downing Series (FSC)
Thursday          23rd          SMSC Thursday evening series                      Friday              24th          Championships
Saturday          25th          Championships
Sunday             26th          Championships/Ron Medlyn Memorial
Tuesday           28th          Hine Downing Series (FSC)                                      Thursday          30th          SMSC Thursday evening series

Saturday          2nd           Point and Penpol Regatta
Sunday            3rd            Toby West Memorial (Host: The Seven Stars,                                         Falmouth)
Tuesday           5th            Hine Downing Series (FSC) - Charles Jeffery under
                                        25 Helm
Thursday          7th            SMSC Thursday evening series
Saturday           9th           Heard Memorial (Host: Mylor Yacht Club)
Tuesday           12th          Hine Downing Series (FSC) Helmswomen Race
Thursday          14th          SMSC Thursday evening series
Saturday          16th          St Mawes Town Regatta
Tuesday           19th          Hine Downing Series (FSC)
Thursday          21st          SMSC Thursday evening series
Saturday          23rd          St Mawes Social Club Regatta
Tuesday           26th          Hine Downing Series (FSC)
Thursday          28th          SMSC Thursday evening series                               Saturday          30th          Flushing Village Regatta                                 Sunday             31st          Pandora Inn Race

Saturday            6th          Rest day                                                            
Sunday              7th           Falmouth Week – Helford SC
Monday             8th           Falmouth Week – Mylor
Tuesday            9th           Falmouth Week – Restronguet
Wednesday      10th          Falmouth Week – Falmouth Town             
Thursday          11th          Falmouth Week – RCYC
Friday              12th          Falmouth Week – St Mawes
Saturday          13th          Falmouth Week – Flushing 
Monday            15th          Falmouth to Fowey Passage Race - George
                                           Vinnicombe Cup
Tuesday           16th          Fowey Regatta Week
Wednesday      17th          Fowey Regatta Week
Thursday          18th          Fowey Regatta Week
Friday              19th          Fowey to Falmouth Passage Race - Rene Trophies 
Saturday           27th         Portscatho Regatta                
Sunday             28th          Percuil Regatta


Saturday            3rd            Chainlocker Cups (Host: The Chainlocker/Shipwrights)
Saturday           10th           St Mawes Harbour Race (Host: St Mawes Hotel)       Sunday             11th            Falmouth Harbour Race (Host: The Merchants Manor)
Saturday           17th           Brothers Trophies (Host: The Seaview Inn)            
Saturday           24th           Percy Dalton Trophy (Host: The Prince of Wales) Sunday             25th            Victory Inn Cups (Host: The Victory Inn, St Mawes)                        

Sunday             16th            Oyster Festival

Saturday           5th             Silver Oyster             



Yo ho ho, the wind blows free
Oh for the life on the rolling sea

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