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FWB Grace

Built; 2000

Sail #; 54

Cups Held by Team Grace 2010; 3

Cups Held by Team Grace 2011; 6

Cups Held by Team Grace 2012; 3 (to date)

Happy Days......

......the 'boys' returning from St. Mawes 2012

Champs 2010

The Infant Years….

the Grace was commissioned in 2000 by the then Captain of the J Class Shamrock V (built 1930 for Sir Thomas Lipton) which was in Falmouth undergoing a total restoration project, with the idea for the crew to be able to get involved in the local racing and social scene during their time in Falmouth. The construction was then completed by the Heard family and the fit out undertaken at Pendennis Shipyard alongside Shamrock V.

After competing in the 2000 -2001 season Grace was then laid up and put on the market where she remained until midway through the 2002 season when purchased by keen local yachtsmen Peter Hocking and Chris Hunt. Obviously with this came a complete new crew assembled from local sailors all of whom had spent many years sailing together in the harbour aboard quarter tonners, half tonners, sports boats and dinghies. Her potential to perform within the fleet was immediately apparent although it was obvious that there was a lot to understand and improve upon.

2003 saw the sale of the half share of Chris Hunt to Charles Jeffery. Charles, a merchant seamen and relative of one of the crew was looking for a retirement plan and grasped the opportunity to invest in Grace and the lifestyle it would offer him. Finally this brought to Grace some consistency and commitment and so with Peter and Charles we started to make a plan for the future and how we could improve ourselves and the boat.

2005 arrived…..fantastic…..we were now eligible for some much needed new sails. However rather than just go out and buy a full new suit it was decided to change just the headsails in order to spread the cost and the performance peaks inevitably gained with new sails. For the new sails we selected local sailmakers Penrose. Penrose had not previously produced any racing sails for a large class working boat, however the guy’s in the loft have been sailing companions with the Grace crew for many years and so it seemed the obvious choice for us to work with them and in doing so provide them an opportunity in the fleet. In 2007 we changed the mainsail and 2010 the topsail so we are presently all suited in Penrose sails other than our rarely used small jib which remains original.

Moody Grace

The Junior Years…..

By 2008 Charles had retired from going to sea and was quickly establishing himself as a prominent figure in the fleet taking up positions on committees and ensuring that Grace was well represented on the social occasions! Peter who had now acquired himself a Sunbeam decided it was time to move on from Grace and sold his half share to Charles.

2009 saw Charles unexpectedly fall ill and sadly he passed away that autumn, his ashes were scattered from the stern of his Grace during a pre-race parade of the fleet around the harbour he loved. Although we occasionally joke that part of him is still riding aboard Abigail Rose who were following us close behind at the time!

So at the end of the 2009 season with loosing Charles Grace was passed to his Nephew Dan Tregaskes and his wife Polly, both of who had been regular crew members since 2002. With their priorities orientated towards their young family and their ‘family’ cruising boat they could not really see how they could commit the time and resources required to keep Grace up to form and become increasing concerned as to what would become of her. Fortunately they hatched a very clever plan to form a ‘racing syndicate’ to operate the boat. After approaching the regular crew and some other colleagues a group was formed to operate the boat. This format has successfully worked for 2010 and 2011 and remains the set up for 2012. Current members of Team Grace Toby & Helen Allies, Mike & Jill Carr, Louis & Philippa Gifford, Tyrone & Joanne Harvey, Derek & Jeanette Hill, Tom Redgrave, Charlie Ross, Dan & Polly Tregaskes, Tim Tregear, Henk & Marga Wiekens,

Falmouth Week 2006

To Be Continued.......




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Oh for the life on the rolling sea

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