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Posted by Thelma Brooks on 01/08/2016   Email

Hello. I ran across your beautiful site and have been enjoying it so very much. I am a land locked lady living in the US so your lfe style looks like heaven to me. Your beautiful boats, white sales against the blue sky and the water lapping the sides, is pure beauty. They say we should bloom where we are planted, but if I could be transplanted, it would be to your place on this earth.

Posted by Nigel Reed on 04/12/2015

Willie the Working Boat is the hero in a story for children of 4-8 titled Simon the Speedboat and the SOS. The story and others in the Kevin the Canvas Canoe and his friends series are inspired by life on the Carrick Roads where the author lives and sails.

Posted by Martin Perrett on 11/11/2015   Email

Here is a link to a video of Patrick winning a race in Moon! https://youtu.be/FA6wG56X6Z8 There are more videos of the boats on my YouTube channel. supplyimaging

Posted by Dominick Penrose on 07/07/2014   Email

Sent: Saturday, 5 July 2014, 13:20 Name: Dominick Penrose Email: dominick.penrose@virgin.net Phone: 441209860825 Subject: 10th Working Boat Championships Message: Thanks for providing us with a safety boat escort. My son was swimming from castle to castle on the high tide after cycling down from London. His challenge is cancer to Ironman 2014 in aid of Kings Hospital London.Hope we didn't disturb the racing. Lovely day for both. 41 minute crossing.

Posted by Nigel Reed on 06/11/2013   Email

The members of the association might like to know that greetings cards and calendars which feature their boats in watercolour paintings are now available. They can be bought direct from me (the artist) or at a number of shops in the area. One of the best stockists is Carnon Downs post office which has 11 of the 20 paintings as cards. Boats which feature include Moon, Stella, Helen Mary, Evelyn, Mildred, Cousin Jack, Abigail Rose, Demelza, Victory, Sereca Mabel, Delivrance, Florence, Lily, Victory, Leila, Grace Stella Zulu and Irene. I hope your members like what they find.

Posted by Gilles Martin on 16/10/2013   Email

I am working on restoring a 106 years old Falmouth working boat 31 feet name Foye fowey , i believe it came across in th 1970 . The dream is to bring it back home after full restoration . I am located in los angeles california .Need some help with the rigging what site or books are you recomending.?

Posted by Ray Davies on 18/04/2013   Email

A really useful site as I am currently rebuilding Bluebell FWB. Could someone email me as I have some queries on the rules particularly the steel ballast box. Thanks

Posted by Roy Hollis on 30/04/2012   Email

An excellent website.


Yo ho ho, the wind blows free
Oh for the life on the rolling sea

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